Pilot Wave Theory and Time

  1. For pilot wave theory to make sense, there must be a sort of dynamic universal underlying medium (many conceptualize as vibrating or wave-like substrate). In the typical pilot wave conceptualization, that substrate is behaving like a wave and is oscillating. These wave-like oscillations in the substrate explain quantum dynamics like dual slit probabilistic vs definite location / momentum dualities in particle behavior. But, the need to believe in some unseen vibrating universal substrate is a big hurdle to overcome. Here’s my suggestion for that substrate: time. Or, more relativistically speaking, the progression of spacetime.
  2. Many will argue that pilot wave theory necessitates a deterministic view of the universe. That’s true only if the substrate is fundamental and immutable or, at the very least, stable and uninfluenced. But, if time (spacetime) can be warped, punctured, dilated or otherwise bent (which we know it can), the medium underlying pilot wave theory is not immutable and therefore the trajectory of the universe isn’t necessarily deterministic.

Potential Experiment:



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